International Medical Evangelism Training

Our Mission

The Core principle of IMET is to allow each person to have an experience with Jesus such as has not been seen since apostolic times.

Meeting Jesus

Our first principle is to help people follow Jesus wherever He goes, teaching them to be a true disciple as Jesus lives His life through them.

Unity in Jesus

IMET strongly believes that Unity with Jesus results in unity with one another which proves that Jesus is the Son of God.

Serving Jesus in humanity

IMET stands by loving selfless service as the fundamental principle on which the Kingdom of Heaven is founded.

Christ-Centred Discipleship

Following the master, IMET stands by discipleship as a method of evangelism. Jesus passed to His disciples the responsibility of making God known on this earth and IMET’s legacy will be built on those who walk through its halls.

IMET exists to help people experience a holistic Christ-like ministry


IMET was formed by combining LIGHT, SALT and R3 Ministries
Alain Bautista, Terrence (Tim) Maddocks and Sebastien Braxton met and saw a movement starting in Asia.

Below is the process for how you can get involved with IMET as a student

  • Contact Us

    email us at with your questions

  • Apply

    Pray and if the Lord calls you, then come and be a part of the movement.

  • Fundraise and Wait

    Trust that God will provide. Since IMET firmly believes this principle, we encourage all students to diligently try to raise all the funds and see how God will open the windows of heaven for them.

  • Drop everything and come meet Jesus in a special way

    Follow Him who can make you a fisher of men.

Our Executive Team

IMET Is composed of a Board of Directors but underneath them is the executive committee which executes all of the plans. Meet the Executive team...
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Abigail Rodríguez Ramos

Executive Director
Abigail Rodríguez longs to follow Jesus example in serving the Father by being a servant to others. She believes that IMET provides a way for this to happen by allowing people to meet Jesus in the lives of those they help.
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Dennis Charles Morano

Associate Director of Internal Affairs/ Treasurer
Dennis longs to encourage young lay people to take up the medical missionary work and actively participate in the hastening of the coming of Jesus Christ. IMET is geared into this vision and thus more people will get to know and personally meet the Savior. “We are in a challenging mission field yet I am excited to see how God works even in the seemingly impossible.”
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Rodney Matambo

Associate Director of External Affairs
Rodney Matambo is a young person who is passionate about seeing Jesus in the common man. He firmly believes IMET will allow young people to serve the least as if it were Jesus.
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Everyl Morano

Everyl Morano is passionate about the Bible and the Spirit of Prophecy. She believes IMET will allow young people to experience Jesus in a unique way.

IMET Medical Missionary Training

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